Hello, my name is Mary Gaynor and welcome to “Revitalise Wellbeing”. 

I am an Energy Healing practitioner, a mum of 4 adult kids (and  step mum to 2 more) and have had my fair share of stress, sickness and traumas. I love the beach, trees , flowers, live music, chocolate and wine amongst other things.

I also love Energy because I can feel it all around me. I can feel it flow through my body and around me and my surroundings. I can feel the heaviness of negative emotions and of dark and stagnant energy. I can feel the lightness and beauty of love, happiness and joy and as a kid climbed trees to feel their vibration and held crystals that tingled in my palms. 

I can feel the flow of universal energy around the earth and through each and every one of us and it is this powerful energy force that I have learnt to harness to heal and repair through energy healing.

So I invite you to read  the information and articles on this website to learn about this natural ancient healing practice and what it can do for you. Whatever your ailment, energy healing can assist you to heal,  to remove the root cause of your health issue so the physical body can repair and recover- to Revitalise Your Wellbeing!

Feel free to contact me for further information

Take care, Mary Gaynor

"Energy Healing is a natural non-invasive, gentle process that seeks to remove the root cause of these blockages. It  releases the buildup of negative emotion and thereby freeing the trauma, activating our body’s natural healing system to repair and restore, allowing our energy to flow freely once again."  Read more about Energy Healing

Mission Statement

"I am passionate about helping you to achieve the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. By removing energy blocks that may be hindering this process, it will enable you to access your full natural healing potential and revitalise your well being!”  Read More of My Story



  • Mary is a one of a kind, a true earth angel.I had the privilege of having a healing session with her. The room was tranquil and comfortable. Mary herself was warm and welcoming. As I lay and relaxed she worked her magic, energetically scanning my body and using her skills, wisdom and intuition to repair and release. Afterwards I felt a huge sense of peace and calm which lasted for days. I also recommended that one of my daughters make an appointment with Mary and she too loved the experience and found it really helpful.I would have no hesitation recommending this special lady.
    Nicola from Windsor
  • 'From the moment of entering Mary's healing presence I felt at complete ease. Her welcome was comforting, warm and relaxed. Throughout the healing I felt a sense of calm and deep clearing as Mary assessed and identified where blocks could be released.Mary's unique intuitive process provides keys and insights to where deep healing is required. On completion of the session and for some days after I felt refreshed and spacious, light and very grateful.
    Margaret, Melbourne
  • Mary has helped me improve my health in many ways. Her techniques have cured years of stomach & indigestion problems. My levels of stress have decreased & my mood has never been happier or more balanced. I highly recommend Mary’s healing talents.
    Joc, Melbourne
  • My energy healing with Mary was an empowering and relaxing experience, where she worked energetically to dissolve blocks and restore harmony within my body, mind and emotions. Although I don’t understand specifically how it all works, I definitely felt a sense of calm wash over me throughout and after, and I felt lighter, clearer and more expansive over the following few weeks. I found her down to earth, a really positive person and excellent communicator, and I would highly recommend booking in with her.
    Shannon, Melbourne.
  • "I enjoyed deeply relaxing energy healing session with Mary. She took care to ensure I had a good first time experience. She also set my expectations well of this practice . I did have some initial misgivings as I am a person of faith and hesitant to dabble in what I thought maybe the "dark side". However I understand it to be a healing process for all with no spiritual connotations.Mary has a very empathetic personality and well suited to be an energy healing practitioner. In my view, the therapy is very relaxing and infuses energy as a result." Blessing
Energy Healing Prices - East St. Kilda, Caulfield

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